22 Finalists battled in regional final around in IDE competitions 2017


February 23-25, 2017 Bangkok, Thailand – the Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship Center (IDE Center) by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce held the IDE Competitions; MIT Enterprise Forum and Global Social Venture Competitions since the teams had worked and developed their projects for months after receiving MIT EdX online iterative acceleration.

10 teams from MITEF and 12 teams from GSVC-SEA were selected to compete in the preliminary round and also speedily date with IDE judges in order to get feedback for further project development. In the evening of the day, we finally got 3 finalists from each competition to compete in the regional final round in the next day.

We finally got the successful winners of 2 IDE Competitions including Global Social Venture Competition for Southeast Asia and MIT Enterprise Forum respectively. The regional finalists are as follows:

The 2 regional finalist winners of GSVC-SEA 2017:
1. Ricult, Pakistan; and
2. BliEye, Bangladesh

The 3rd place winner of GSVC-SEA 2017:
1. CultureShare, Australia



The 1st place winner of MIT Enterprise Forum:
1. AIM Solution, Thailand

The 2nd place winner of MIT Enterprise Forum:
2. ShiftSpace, Thailand

The 3rd place winner of MIT Enterprise Forum:
3. Electronic Nose, Thailand

The 60 Second Pitch IDE Awards
1. BliEye, Bangladesh; and
2. ShiftSpace, Thailand

This first time of MITEF was lunched to challenge all startups in Maekong region. Moreover, GSVC-SEA was conducted over 10 years and it has opened for southeast Asian teams whom are focusing on social-based projects to battle in the venture. For both competitions, more than 70 entries from around the region were qualified in the initial stage, developed, and accelerated their projects toward the last competition days.

IDE Competition will not succeed without supports from our sponsors including Singha Water, Government Lottery Office, SME Development Bank, the Stock Exchange of Thailand, Double A (1991) and the support from our partners. The IDE Center insisted to create Innovation-Driven entrepreneurship as well as the great ecosystem for the nationwide.

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