IDE Center starts ‘Rice Hackathon’ at UTCC.



April 21, 2017, IDE Center, UTCC- IDE Center by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce held an exclusive training called ‘Rice Hackathon’ for UTCC , professors and staff lectured by Edward Rubesch Ph.D. – the Program Director of IDE Center. In this training,we initiated the course for 15+ professors and staff from engineering faculties, public relations, and other interested representatives from university divisions.


The program was designed to stretch their point of view and practice their observations. Participants were trained and encouraged to ask and talk to the people around university area. This activity serve the key learning objective in particular combination of having entrepreneurial mindset.

Notwithstanding, the objective in driving the pilot training in Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship amongst UTCC family aim to let the participants understand the innovation driven entrepreneurship concept and that could apply to their future or ongoing projects for the best outcome.

The next IDE training for “UTCC staff” will be held in May 2017. Please stay tune and sign up your seat if you are interested.