The Big Goal

We’re building Thailand’s only Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship (IDE) ecosytem.

That means in the next 365 days…

  • We will partner with MIT to develop twenty IDE Coaches in Thailand.
  • Forty teams from Thailand and Asia will go through the four-month long IDE Accelerator.
  • Two top social enterprises from Southeast Asia will be selected to compete at the Global Social Venture Competition at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.
  • Four top Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship (IDE) teams will be selected to join a one week StartSmart development program at MIT.
  • Over USD 50,000 in prize money and seed funding will be awarded to the most promising innovation-driven entrepreneur teams from Thailand and across Southeast Asia.
  • One thousand people will attend IDE Week in March to hear thought leaders from MIT, UC Berkeley, and from around the world inspire Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurs in Bangkok.
  • The IDE Center will join the Impact HUB, a worldwide network comprising an ecosystem of impact innovators in 100 locations around the world.
  • Thousands of students, entrepreneurs, coaches, investors, and members of our community will participate in creative and innovative activities at the IDE Center.