Living in the glass age by Jeff Evenson

March 21, 2017 Bangkok, Thailand – Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship Center (IDE Center) by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce introduced a glass inventor so called Jeff Evenson, the Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Corning Glass Incorporated (USA), whom invented and transformed glass to innovative multi purpose. The learning methods were designed into 2 important parts including product showcase and presentation.

More than 40 attendees joined in our first workshop session. The products were set as examples according to its functional usage. For example, glass grade that can be particularly used in laboratory. Fiber optic to connect internet bandwidth and sub-marine cable and so on. For this particular showcase, Jeff also brought his 2 team representatives to educate audience for further productive Q&A.


In the last session, the key highlight in regards to the innovation pivot at Corning Glass appeared very interesting as the technical point of view and development phases were revealed to the audiences. Under the think big, act small concept, Corning Glass is one of the world’s great innovations that we may elaborately think of.